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M1 Roofing Group-Property Management Roofing Services


At M1, we feel that our strength is providing the same great service to our customers throughout the life of their roof. Finding a quality contractor can be hard work, and when the need arises for small repairs or storm damage, many property owners may use different contractors for each individual job throughout the duration of the roof.


We feel that by using one contractor, there is an increase in efficiency and an established trust in each project. We provide all clients with a roofing profile, which allows for us to be one step ahead when it comes to your roofing needs. By keeping details in your roofing profile about the shingle type, roof pitch, guttering systems, flashing, and more, we are better prepared to serve you.


We understand that building customers into clients requires top-notch quality on each job, further instilling confidence in you as an owner. Our lean measuring and estimation calculations also ensure affordability. Whether you are in immediate need of roofing services, are exploring a new roofing contractor, or you would like to set up a roofing profile, contact us to set up a site visit.

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