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M1 Roofing Group-A Roofing Contractor With a Focus on Customers



Customer – [Pronounced kuhs-tuh-mer] - noun

definition - a person who purchases goods or services from another; buyer; patron.


Client – [Pronounced klahy-uhnt] - noun
definition - a regular or repeat customer


As an owner, it can be difficult finding the right contractor for protecting your investment. That’s where we stand out from the others. It is our mission to convert customers to clients. Why is this our mentality? As an organization we strive to build relationships that take the hard work out of maintaining your property. Strong client relationships lead to transparency and efficiency in communication, which in turn, ensures that your expectations are doubly met and exceeded throughout the life of your roof.


At each and every site evaluation visit, we document your roof with detailed drawings, photos, and site evaluation notes to create our client roofing profiles. This level of detail ensures ease and efficiency when future needs may arise. For example, if storm damage affects your roof, we already have your measurements on file regarding roof type, flashing, guttering systems, vents, and more. In most cases, this means we are prepared to replace your roof or make repairs without having to make another site visit which saves you time scheduling around multiple contractors and removes any question of dependability. Detailed drawings also ensure lean quoting in our calculations, which means better pricing for you. Simply call us for a free evaluation, at which point, we will prepare your roofing profile. Then, when the need arises for repairs or replacements, simply give us a call and we’ll be prepared to serve you.

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