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M1 Roofing Group-Metal, Shingle, and Rubber Roof Repair, Hail Damage


If your property has been damaged by a recent storm, we are immediately available to investigate the damage to provide you with a free evaluation. In the event of misfortune, our team is here to provide you with quality roof replacement and repair services.


We provide the following damaged roofing services:

Some contractors may be capable of fixing a small problem, but when going to repair the problem, finding larger problems may lead to having to deal with other contractors, which can lead to an increase in the project duration. As licensed residential and commercial contractors, we are capable of making the small and major repairs, and also handling all work associated with extensive damage that may be unforeseen prior to starting the project. If you have experienced damage to your roof system, it is imperative to get your roof covered immediately, before small damages turn into bigger problems in the event rain returns while your home is most vulnerable.


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Many contractors will ‘fly by night’ to land insurance jobs, by using techniques that may be unprofessional. Click here to learn more about some of these techniques, which are useful when dealing with contractors and insurance work of any project type.

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