Many customers call requesting roofing inspections for hail or wind damage. We happily provide these services free of charge to our customers.  When we perform an inspection we create reports so that all information from our inspection is documented.  We include photos of any hail or wind damage, in addition to other issues which may include ventilation deficiencies, possible sources of leaks, or any other problems that may be linked to the roof’s existing condition.

Our reports are created for each and every customer, which allows them to view all the things we see when we are on the roof.  This establishes evidence and a basis for moving forward (or not) with a replacement, and allows the customer to better understand what is going on with their roof.  Many contractors make claims that a roof has hail damage without stepping foot on it (many from out of town, just heard of a crew from California the other day!), hoping to get homeowners to call their insurance to get the adjuster out. Inspecting for hail requires stepping foot on the roof, unless soft ball sized hail has made it’s way through the area leaving obvious damage. Making a claim that a roof has hail damage (without inspecting it properly), leads to a waste of time for all those involved, including the homeowner making the calls to their insurance company, as well as the adjuster coming out to investigate the roof.  We step foot on each and every roof, preparing reports to provide valid evidence for why or why not to perform a replacement or contact your insurance.