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How many roofing estimates should I get?


It's generally a good idea to get three estimates for any type of work to be completed.  This gives you a much better gauge for pricing, in addition to the type of contractors are out there. When you meet contractors, their presentation and knowledge provide insight into what you can expect in their work. You can also ask for references, or addresses where they have performed work.  Prices may vary greatly, which is why detail is very important when it comes to an estimate.  For example, if one estimate is $500 cheaper than another, but they don't include debris removal, then is it really the cheapest estimate? Considerable differences in price may raise red flags, so pay close attention to what all is (and isn't) included in the estimate.  We carefully prepare our estimates to include all the proper details for your project. When it comes to roofing, the cheapest price may not always provide the best job. Remember a roof is a long term investment, and the saying "You get what you pay for", still applies. Think about price versus cost. Price and cost sound like the same thing to most people, however, price is what you pay upfront for an item. Cost is what you have to pay to keep that item over time. Savings up front on price can lead to headaches and more money on costs associated with leaks and/or repair work down the road. Be smart in your decision and don't base it only on price. Quality is important when it comes to your roof!

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