Be sure to check out Common Cupboard in Indian Trail! Common Cupboard is a non-profit organization food pantry located in in the business park behind the Post Office in Indian Trail. Through volunteer work and donations, the organization reaches out to over 200 families in need per month. Each family receives about a week’s worth of groceries. Common Cupboard opened in July 2006 and has steadily grown its roots into the local communities. After speaking with the owners, I got a sense for the grassroots beginnings of this humble organization. They are always in need of volunteers, so don’t hesitate to contact them regarding loading/unloading materials, sorting foods, delivering groceries, and so on. You may also wish to make food donations to them to help others. They also run a thrift store called Common Things so be sure to stop in some time to browse around for a good cause.

There’s also a banquet coming up on Thursday October 27th, 2011 from 7pm to 9pm. The event is hosted by those affilifated with Common Cupboard. It will be a celebration of the many volunteers that have had an impact within the organization.